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We provide services that help you publish your material for the Spanish speaking world. We aim to be a total solutions provider, by focusing on our client’s diverse needs with individualized attention. Let us assist you in a successful transition into a market full of opportunities. Did you know that there are over 53 million Hispanics in the U.S.?

Development Strategies

From strategy to product development, to implementation, we offer a number of solutions to expand your platform. Our team with over two decades of experience, will assist you in publishing your material. We will work with you, facilitating the entire publishing process, including launching it to the Latino marketplace.

Book Publishing

We will assist you through the entire process of editorial, translation, and book & cover design. Our team provides you a full range of services and expertise including book publishing, translations, electronic & digital platforms, distribution, and marketing. We bring customized solutions to the table for each client we serve.

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  • What others have said…

“Sam Rodriguez’s acumen, integrity and values enable him to occupy the space of the most important individuals in the publishing sphere. His commitment to excellence and professional trajectory captures a heart committed to Christ and providing a delivery mechanism for voices that engage, empower and enrich.”

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez  President of NHCLC  “America’s Largest Hispanic Christian Organization”,      -CNN, New York Times

“I know of no one who has such an extensive knowledge of all areas of publishing.”

David Ecklebarger  President and Founder of UNILIT & EXPOLIT 

“Sam has been one of the most influential individuals in the development of the organization…his influence is now felt all around the world”

Dr. Andres Panasiuk  Founder of Cultura Financiera  Best-Selling author, Int’l Speaker

“There are few people I can recommend as highly as Sam Rodriguez.”

Tod Shuttleworth  Senior VP,   Thomas Nelson Publisher

“I must say that in over 30 years of travelling to over 25 countries and meeting leaders in different areas, very few times have I met a man with Sam’s qualities… Another one of his exceptional traits, in my opinion, is his integrity.”

Dr. Carlos Barbieri   L.A. Event Director Luis Palau Association




Our teams of committed and experienced industry professionals will always look out for your project’s best interest. Your organization is a representation of your calling, hard work and trust from others over the years; we know and understand that well. We treasure that trust!

We will take individual care of your project(s), from image branding to the last detail, thus allowing you, to focus on what you do best: to create, develop, and deliver your message to the world.

As part of our vast network with multiple vendors for production, distribution, media and social network arenas, we can help you take your message to the ever-growing Hispanic market. For your next project, consider us part of your team.


To help expand your reach, and increase the effectiveness of your platform to the world.


-  Book Coach Latino can provide services in all phases of the publishing process: from planning, strategizing, editorial, design, and production to the marketing and fulfillment.

-  Professional Assistance and Services in the following:

  • Consulting
  • Research & Development (R&D)
  • Translations
  • Brand Imaging
  • Book Publishing
  • Digital and Audio Publishing
  • Product Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Organizational Branding
  • Website Consulting
  • Marketing
  • International Rights



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