In serving countless Christian Organizations over the years, we noticed the growing desire for authors, speakers and leaders to effectively enter the Hispanic and international markets. In many cases ministries and authors lacked the experience and “know how” to do it effectively. From this Book Coach Latino was birthed. Now offering an effective way to help your organization make the transition, by offering a team of seasoned professionals to work on your side. We have sensed the call to follow the instructions to “use our God given special abilities to serve others”, so that multitudes of lives can be affected by your message and platform in the Spanish-speaking and rest of the world.

We take pride that after over two decades, we have built countless relationships with authors and international leaders, helping them impact the globe through their material. If you need assistance in bridging the gap between your message and the millions that could be your next potential audience, and want to do it directly via your organization, Book Coach Latino can help.

Our desire is one:  To not just do business with you, but instead become transformational partners for life.

If you are considering transcending your message and platform to the expanding global audience, let Book Coach Latino be your trusted source.

We look forward in serving you!

The Book Coach Latino Team