Our teams of committed and experienced industry professionals will always look out for your project’s best interest. Your organization is a representation of your calling, hard work and trust from others over the years; we know and understand that well. We treasure that trust!

We will take individual care of your project(s), from image branding to the last detail, thus allowing you, to focus on what you do best: to create, develop, and deliver your message to the world.

As part of our vast network with multiple vendors for production, distribution, media and social network arenas, we can help you take your message to the ever-growing Hispanic market. For your next project, consider us part of your team.


To help expand your reach, and increase the effectiveness of your platform to the world.


–  Book Coach Latino can provide services in all phases of the publishing process: from planning, strategizing, editorial, design, and production to the marketing and fulfillment.

–  Professional Assistance and Services in the following:

  • Consulting

  • Research & Development (R&D)

  • Translations

  • Brand Imaging

  • Book Publishing

  • Digital and Audio Publishing

  • Product Development

  • Graphic Design

  • Organizational Branding

  • Website Consulting

  • Marketing

  • International Rights