“Sam Rodriguez’s acumen, integrity and values enable him to occupy the space of the most important individuals in the publishing sphere. His commitment to excellence and professional trajectory captures a heart committed to Christ and providing a delivery mechanism for voices that engage, empower and enrich.”

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez
President of NHCLC
“America’s Largest Hispanic Christian Organization”
-CNN, New York Times

“I’ve found him to be the consummate professional. He always treats others with sincere professionalism, and he’s a man of his word”.

John Mason
Noted speaker and author of numerous bestselling books, including An Enemy Called Average. 

“They have been one of the most influential in the development of the Latin American Ministry…Since our ministry was the first cross-cultural outreach of the organization, their influence is now felt all around the world”

Dr. Andres Panasiuk
President, Global Freedom Concepts, Best-Selling Author – Teacher and Int’l  Speaker

“I was very impressed with the work ethics, interpersonal skills and exceptional ability to work as a team player”

Barbara Palacios
Former Miss Universe, International Speaker and Best Selling Author 

“Dependable…Solid Leader…able to assimilate experiences and use them to reach objectives. Obtaining a privileged position within the editorial industry and among international Christian leaders”

Dr. Carlos Barbieri
Latin American Event Director, International Speaker & Best-Selling Author
Luis Palau Association

“I know of no one who has such extensive knowledge of all areas of publishing”

David Ecklebarger
President of Unilit, Founder and President of Expolit
Spanish Publishing Industry Leader

“A vision for perfectionism and excellence, totally driven by the idea to better the trade and those they serve”

Edwin Bello
Founder & Director, Speaker & Teacher & Best Selling Author
Hombre de Valor

“He assisted us to gauge the scope and reach of the project so it would be a fitting story and product, and later on, as a marketing strategist for the book…a very valuable resource of information, contacts and experience. His knowledge in the industry is exceptionally good. Every time he has impressed us with the quality of suggestions, the array of professional contacts, and the way he has navigated author issues in a multi-cultural setting.”

J. Carlos Salcedo
Senior Partner, JIREH Resources Co., Inc.

“He has successfully developed several marketing campaigns to promote electronic products, including Bibles, e-books and many other resources that have been of great value to our industry. His creativity has led to effective sales in the “Literature world.”

Erick Pflucker
Infinity Marketing Group